Samuel Cousin
        https : //
        Canadian Citizen (FR/EN)
        Capricorn ♑
        dev + devops/sre
        > 6 years of experience
        (i use arch btw)

        Probably the only person (ever??) to combine
        1. Co-develop a somewhat popular online game about a Sumerian shepherd
        2. Fly to Iceland on a govt grant to make a short experimental art film
        3. Push to prod from a beat-up x220 while dodging Formula E cars
        4. Volunteer as a core contributor for, Montréal's nicest webradio

        nvim, zsh, git, tmux, make, ngrok, curl, ssh, scp, htop, mtr, cmus
        doom-emacs but only for org-mode :(

        BA FLA LLC, Orlando FLA
          2020...       Co-director

        Signal Biometrics, London UK
          2019...       Head of DevOps
          2017~19       Back-End Developer; Team-lead, Orlando FLA
          2016~17       NLP Developer

        Human Equation, Montréal QC
          2015~15       Crossplatform Developer; Team-lead

        HEM, Montréal QC
          2014~15       Front-End Developer

        LabLabLab, Montréal QC
          2014~14       NLP Graduate Research Assistant

        Concordia University, Montréal QC
          2011~14       BFA in Computation Arts

        TRSB, Montréal QC
          2007~11       IT Support Technician

        nodejs es6 + (eslint, Express, vue.js, pm2, lodash, babel, webpack,
        React, Angular), Cordova / Ion, TICK stack (InfluxDB), PostgreSQL,
        Redis, MongoDB,  GCP/GAE, AWS (mostly S3), Heroku, Digital Ocean,
        Firebase & Firestore, "serverless" things, Elixir + Phoenix, Crystal,
        Python, docker + docker-compose, systemd, arm64 & embedded systems,
        lots and lots of bash scripting, sed, awk, jq, screen, regex (Perl),
        tcp/udp (incl. multicast), nginx, ufw/iptables, Wireshark,
        SSL + certbot, Jenkins + CI things, Gitlab, JIRA, Bitbucket, Github,
        Basecamp, Trello, Mattermost, Slack, weechat

        Want to work more with Elixir/Phoenix & Crystal; want to progress
        towards Product Owner and Product Manager; want to write more code like
        sircmpwn, and hlissner; want to free more time to work on
        socially-minded projects; want to learn how to manage & communicate
        better; want to have my own shop in the future; want to get back into
        taking picture and making films; want an endless supply of x220 parts